Thursday, 19 May 2011

Somethings must come to an end

Inspiring Communities has now come to an end. It has been an exciting fun packed, educational whirlwind of a programme delivered by the team with passion and creativity and attended by young people and families with commitment and dedication. This Blog is a legacy of all the activity and will exist as evidence of the programme and wonderful things that were achieved. The final celebration in April was a great moment to end on a high.

If you need more information about new programmes please use the contacts and links below:

Rebecca Cronshaw

Monday, 21 March 2011

Visit to Craven College 18th March 2011

CRAVEN IS COOL! (Young Person, 18/03/2011)

On the 18th March Inspiring Communities were able to take young people from Primet High School on a tour of Craven College. They spend a day taking part in the range of the courses available at the FE College.
In the morning the young people were able to try brickwork, carpentry, decorating and plastering.
The young people made a wooden key holder and a plaster mould which they could take home with them. (They also made a brick wall, but decided to leave that behind!)
After lunch we looked around the drama and media centre. Students make costumes, write plays, perform them on stage and record them of film all in the same building.
Next we were shown the horticulture department. The young people where able to plant their own tomato and lettuce plants, again they got to take these with them.
Finally we looked around the animal care department, where students learn how to care for all types of animals from spiders to horses.

This was a great day, and there was something for everyone!

Take a look at the photos, Warren

Chill Factor-e 12th March 2011

Young People from Inspiring Communities went over to the Chill Factore at Manchester to get a first taste of Skiing. Too all our surprise there was no major falls and everyone (including Claire and I) avoiding getting soaked!
The group took part in a hour long introduction to the sport and we all had a great time learning a new skill.
Look at the photos, their great!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Edge Hill Univerity Tour 04th March 2011

Pendle Vale and Inspiring Communities got together to arrange a visit to Edge Hill University with some Young People and Parents from the College.
It was an amazing day for all who attended and a big thank you goes to Craig and his team of Student Ambassadors, who worked really hard to make the whole day such a successes. Thanks again.

On arrival the group was taken into a hall where the Young People took part in various aspiration activities. These were aimed to give an insight into what careers require a university degree and what life as a student is like.
After this the young people had the opportunity to ask questions of the student ambassadors, and thus get an idea of the ‘real’ Uni. life beyond the prospectus.
We then had a tour of the excellent campus at Edge Hill including the sport facilities, drama, health and the library. We were also allowed to go into one of the admissions room in the halls of residence. (Luckily he had sprayed and opened a window!)

After lunch in the student refectory, the young people got into groups for role play. One young person from each group put on a cap and gown and the others wrote down what they imagined they degree they could take, as well as what life would be like for their graduate. Some really funny ideas were presented.
Overall I think that everyone had one of the best days since the project began, and it’s a big thank you to Edge Hill and Pendle Vale for all their hard work before and during the day!

Take a look at the photos from the visit, Warren

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Boys Event - Pendle Vale 01 March 2011

Inspiring Communities held an aspirations based workshop with a group of male young people at Pendle Vale College.
This was week 1 of the schools 'Boys Group'.
We looked at career aims, degrees and apprenticeships. We also looked at possible barriers to achieving potential and how to avoid them.

Atique Rehman, one of our Role Model also came along to answer questions from the group on the barriers he has overcome.

Thanks to Rehman, and all who attended.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Young Mill Workers Come to Life!

Thanks to Dan and Alice for their session at Colne Library.

The final session of the half term activities saw the Inspiring Communities young people turn film makers.
They wrote, filmed, directed and acted out a short film about the life of 19th Century children, who worked in the Lancashire Cotton Mills.
Some real star performances were seen. Watch out Oscars, we may have a few late entries!
The films will be loaded onto the blog soon.
In the mean time, check out the photographs

Thanks to all who attended.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Recording the Inspiring Communities Ode

In preparation for the Inspiring Communities Celebration Event....our very creative young people (along with Claire!) have put together an ode about their Inspiring Communities journey - it is very good I must say!!!

They have recorded this piece of work in the recording studio at the ACE Centre.

Well done everyone :-)